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Cognitio Research provides our clients with actionable market intelligence that enables them to capitalize on potential opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the market

Strategic Consulting

Pipeline prioritization, market feasibility, market segmentation, opportunity analysis, branding, product development, pricing strategy, distribution channel analysis, and go-to-market strategies among others.

Industry Research

Global, regional and country level research, thought leadership, analyst insights, market forecast, market share analysis, challenges, opportunities, pricing trend analysis, company profiles and end user vertical analysis among others.

Consumer Research

Customer surveys/interviews, focus groups, demand generation, customer usage and attitudes, and consumer price sensitivity among others.

Value Added Services

COGNITIO as a Service (CaaS), consumer product evaluation, industry briefs, movers & shakers, recognition of excellence, and trojan matrix among others.

We have more than 50+ years of combined strategic consulting and market research experience

of providing clients with valuable data and information to grow their business

We have worked with established, emerging and start-up companies to support their growth objectives. The information we provide is well researched, insightful, and educational with key market metrics that ensure client satisfaction. Our strategic recommendations have been well received by clients whom we have supported through different services that we as a company has to offer. We want to be your trusted partner and an extension of your market intelligence, competitive intelligence and market research teams.

"Research is the reconnaissance party of industry, roving the unknown territories ahead independently, yet not without purpose, seeing for the first time what all the following world will see a few years hence."   S.M. Kinter


Our Services

COGNITIO as a Service (CaaS)

In today’s competitive environment access to actionable information is critical for growth

Consumer Product Evaluation

Consumers make their purchase decisions based on product evaluation and knowledge of product attributes

Customer Research

Understanding customer behavior, customer needs, and customer challenges becomes essential for growth

Industry Briefs

A concise document providing information on either current trends in the market

Industry Research

Provides an educated intelligence on a given industry / region / application / product and competition

Movers & Shakers

Interview who’s and who of industry and their perspective on the market, technology, innovation, and competition

Recognition of Excellence

Continued innovation is a key to success for companies in the global economy

Strategic Consulting

A desire to grow your business results in a need to gather actionable intelligence

Trojan Matrix

Strategy, Implementation, and Execution are key to any companies success

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We provide Knowledge to Leaders, Teams and Organizations to successfully grow their business, using Market & Competitive Intelligence as the means to CHANGE, GROW and SUCCEED